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Rent or Hire a Moving Truck

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Depending on the size of your home and the amount of furniture you have, you'll need to decide between the 10', 15', 20', or 26' moving truck rental. When it comes to renting a truck, size matters, keep in mind that is better to have extra room than not having enough. The difference in price is not too much,  besides the bit extra money you are spending will help you avoid multiple trips resulting in paying more on gas and miles. Also, it will be easier and less stressful to pack a truck with enough space than trying to jam everything on a smaller truck. 

Moving Company Truck vs Rental Truck.

Renting a truck or having a moving company with a truck, what is the best option? It all comes down to your needs and convenience, while probably be cheaper to rent a truck if you are moving your self have a few items or going far. If you are hiring movers, you might want to consider full service. On the demonstration below we make an example comparation on a rental and our company truck.

Rental Truck

  • 24ft.

  • start at $39.95 plus $1.09/mile 

  • Safe Move $14.00 for up to 80,000 covers accidents and theft.  

  • Safe move plus  $28.00  1,000,000 in supplemental liability coverage. 

  • $5.00 Safe trip : Lockout Services, Stuck in Mud or Snow, Lost Keys, Trailer/Towing Hookup Assistance, Fuel Services (Up to 3 Gallons),Jump Start Dead Battery.


  • $7.00 Utility dolly

  • $7.00 Furniture dolly

  • $7.00 Appliance dolly

  • $10.00 Furniture pads $10.00 per dozen,

  • $25.00 Plastic Stretch

  • $1.09  per mile

  • $ 4.50   per gallon aprox.

It starts real cheap but by the time you add all the extras it will be around the same rate as a moving company plus you will have to drive spend time in line to pick it up and return it.

Moving Aid Truck

  • 24Ft.

  • starts at $129.00 Denver Local moves

  • 750,000 liability coverage up to 5,000 cargo coverage for your items, with an option to up grade, 1,000'000 general liability.

  •  Safe trip zero liability on Lockout services, Lost keys, fuel service, Dead battery.

  • Equipment included.

     Start at

  • $129 Flat fee local moves

  • $ 0.00 miles

  • $ 0.00 fuel

  • $ 0.00 Truck insurance plus cargo coverage

  • $ 0.00 Dollies

  • $ 0.00 Furniture Dollies

  • $ 0.00  Moving Pads

  • $ 0.00  Stretch wrap

  • $0.00 straps tools

  • TOTAL $129.00

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