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Additional Moving Fees

Updated: Jan 22

On local moves, rates are usually hourly plus a truck charge in addition to other services like packing.

Your representative will likely give you an estimate that includes crew size, number of trucks, and the estimated hours to complete your move.

Additional Moving Costs and Fees to Consider

Depending on your moving needs, you may have to pay extra for these services and add-ons not all moving companies charge extra for this, however it will increase time.

  • Specialty moving - Moving specialty items often requires specific materials, skills and some times extra men power and can result in extra charges. If you need to move a specialty item, such as a pianos, gun safes, hot tub, valuable artwork, or other items of extraordinary size or weight.

  • Long carry  - If a mover has to carry household items to and from the moving truck over a long distance, then you may be charged a long carry fee or if rates are hourly it will cost more because of time consuming. This is incurred when a moving truck isn't able to park close to your home.

  • Stair carry  - This is incurred when movers must carry belongings up and down several flights of stairs. It's usually only necessary when homes have multiple stories and/or an above-average number of steps.

  • Elevator - If your move requires an elevator ( high-rise apartment building), your move will cost more due to time expend waiting for the elevator and distance from the entrance to the truck.

  • Unpacking service - Need help with unpacking your belongings and removing supplies and debris? You may need to pay movers a fee for this time-consuming service.

  • Storage - Need storage before, during or after the move? You'll have to pay extra for short-term, long-term and storage-in-transit services.

  • Extra stops - If the mover needs to make extra stops, expect to pay more. The cost depends on the number of stops and the distance and labor involved in the stops. An example might be a mover stopping at your storage unit to pick up items before delivering everything to your new home

  • Tipping - While tipping isn't required, it's certainly appreciated. It's also a great way to say "thank you" for a job well done. Tips are strictly for movers only, If you plan to tip your movers, cash is preferred.

  • Boxes and Packing Materials- Boxes are expensive

  • Full Valuation Coverage-FVP is an additional cost beyond the cost of transporting your goods that is if you decided to upgrade the minimum carrier liability coverage.

Being prepared and packed will lower the cost of moving. 

Reasons that increase the estimates are:

  • Extra rooms not mentioned on the original Quote.

  • Increase on number of boxes / items.

  • Distance from entrance to the truck.

  • Stairs and elevators.

  • More furniture than average.

  • Packing has not been completed.

  •  Items need to be disassembled and reassembled.

  • Multiple trips, pick up / delivery stops.

  • Difficult access such narrow hallways, tight turns. 

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