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How to be ready for moving day

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Being organized before your move helps speed up the process and ensures minimal time with movers. First, go through closets and storage and get rid of any unwanted or outdated items. Second, make a list of what can be packed first and last in your home. Items such as decorations and paintings, that you don’t use every day, can be packed first. 

  • Pack everything in moving boxes. Moving boxes are especially design for moving. If you are on a budget try to use  recycled boxes, small boxes for heavy items such books  canned food, etc. and medium and large boxes are for lighter items such pillows, toys, lamps etc. Pack boxes full and do not over fill, wrap fragile item with packing paper, tape bottom and top of the box, label and mark destination.

  • Remove any loose shelves from cabinets, bookcases, curio cabinets, china hutches, bookshelves, TV stands  and wrap them together with a blanket, paper pad or bubble wrap.

  • Remove the light bulbs and shades from Lamps and pack them in a box. Big lamps can be wrap  in a blanket or bubble wrap if you don't have a box,  

  • All art, picture frames, and wall decorations are recommended to be packed in a picture box with bubble wrap. 

  • Bed frames some times are complicated  and are time consuming,  to save time and money you can disassemble your bed frames and have rails and parts contain. Also make sure to get a mattress bag this will help keep it clean.

  • Dinning and kitchen tables, remove legs and leaf extensions, wrap and protect using wrap and blanket, this also helps save space on the truck and will be easier to move and pack.

  • Remove mirrors from dressers, usually they are screwed on. Pack the mirror properly.

  • Appliances, some refrigerators are wider than entry doors , clear everything and remove the doors if necessary. Due to liabilities movers can't disconnect water and gas lines make sure you disconnect them.

By being prepare and ready, movers will have less to do, that will save you money on hourly rates.

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